Pope Francis delivers his Sunday Angelus on January 16th in Saint Peter’s Square. The popes message is interpreted in American Sign Language. May God bless the sign language interpreters interpreting his messages.

“Fully Alive”: Made in God’s Image and Likeness | Deaf Catholic. ASL Catholic Media continues to provide great ASL videos for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.




Homeless Persons’ Inter-Religious Memorial. Diocese of Orange, CA. Interpreted in ASL American Sign Language for Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

The Diocese of Orange Deaf Catholic community in California welcomes you to our liturgical celebrations. We have a strong Deaf Catholic community that goes way back. We are one of the premier Deaf and Hard of Hearing Catholic Churches in California. We have a mixed Deaf ethnic congregation. We have Deaf Hispanics. We have Deaf Vietnamese. We have Deaf Anglo. We have Deaf Korean. We have Deaf autistic. We have Deaf down syndrome. We have Deaf cerebral palsy. We have Deaf++ in our congregation. All are welcome. We are one family. We have interpreters to cater to our liturgical and sacramental needs when needed. We have a cadre of priests that celebrate mass for us. We offer Deaf retreats near by. We offer you where you can find the nearest Catholic Church with ASL interpreters in your travels. We are grateful to our Bishops and our generous benefactors who donate to the Pastoral Services Appeal. We thank you for who you are and what you do for our Deaf Catholic Community. We also thank all of you who support us from afar. Again, thank you for making our Deaf community something to be part of and call home.

Fr. Christopher Klusman, Deaf Priest, explains in this ASL Youcat video what happens to us when we celebrate the liturgy.

Q166 Why does the Church celebrate the liturgy so often? Youcat in American Sign Language for Deaf Catholics. Deaf faith and religious formation to properly address spiritual needs. These videos of Youcat ASL are for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Thanks to all the Deaf Priests, Deacons, Laity, and interpreters for bringing these videos to all of us.

ASL religious faith formation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Catholics brought to you by Al Alvord. Eucharistic miracle videos in American Sign Language to strengthen the faith of Deaf Catholics around the globe.

Pope Francis Angelus prayer interpreted in ASL. Vatican news offers Deaf and Hard of Hearing American Sign Language interpretation of the Popes Angelus prayer.

The Eucharistic miracle of Florence, Italy is told in American Sign Language. The Catholic Deaf Church brings you these videos to bolster our faith. We hope that you are able to find a Catholic Church near you that offers interpreters or a priest to celebrate the mass for you.

From the Paul VI Hall, the Holy Father’s General Audience. This video is interpreted in American Sign Language. American Sign Language and the Vatican Media channel deliver Pope Francis message to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Another video from ASL Youcat explaining liturgy in the Catholic Church. We hope that Deaf and Hard of Hearing Catholics share this video among family and friends. We hope this video helps foster a more revered Deaf Catholic Church in the United States and abroad.

Third Sunday of Advent readings and gospel reflection are brought to you by the Archdiocese of Washington DC Deaf Ministry and Fr. Mike Depcik.

The Diocese needs YOU!  Do you know ASL and would you like to assist at diocesan/parish events as an interpreter for the Deaf community?  Contact us for training & training resources.

Advent Blessings to you and your family –

I pray that you and your loved ones are all doing well. Advent Confessions with Fr. Steve Correz will take place Sunday, December 19th after Mass at Christ Our Savior Catholic Church is located at 2000 W. Alton Ave., Santa Ana, 92704. Fr. Steve knows English, Spanish and ASL. Please let other members of the community know about this special opportunity. 

Bendiciones de Adviento para usted y su familia –

Espero que ustedes y sus familiares queridos estén bien. Confeciones de Adviento con el Padre Steve Correz se llevaran acabo el domingo, 19 de diciembre despues de Misa en la iglesia de Cristo Nuestro Salvador. La parroquia esta localizada en 2000 W. Alton Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92704. El padre Steve sabe Ingles, Espanol, y Senas Americanas. Por favor compratan este anuncio con otros miembros de la comunidad para que tambien ellos puedan participar de esta oportunidad. 

Thank you to ASL Catholic Media & St. Josemaria Institute

On the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception ASL Catholic Media & St. Josemaria Institute team up to offer an exquisite reflection. This ASL Interpreted podcast is entitled Transformed by Grace: The Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. Deaf Catholic Church Ministry throughout the United States is on the rise. Would you like to be part of Deaf ministry?

Thank you to the ArchDiocese of Indianapolis for sharing this great reflection in ASL to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community. This video strengthens the spriitual needs of Deaf Catholics and Deaf Churches throughout the world.

Do you want to find a Catholic Mass in American Sign Language? Find a Deaf Church near me. Below the search bar you will find your answer. We have built-in an app to find the nearest Deaf Catholic Church in your area. You can also submit new entries in places that you know there is a Deaf Mass or an ASL interpreted mass. Let us know how better we can serve you! Come join the OC Catholic Deaf Church! This is the Church for the Deaf in Orange County. We don’t know how many drive from Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and San Diego to be part of the Deaf Church in Orange County, California. Deaf Religious Education or Deaf Faith Formation is a continued priority here in the Diocese of Orange. Our Deaf Worship times are located in the mass times tab in the menu above.

Deaf Catholic Church in Orange County, California is growing. More and more Deaf Catholics are attending Christ Our Savior Catholic Parish in Santa Ana, California. The Church was designed for the Deaf. ASL interpreters and interpreting students are able to assist in Deaf ministry. Spanish speaking parents are also able to enjoy having their Deaf children attend religious education while they attend mass in Spanish. Overlapping mass times allow for Hearing English or Spanish parents to send their children to religious education/ faith formation in American Sign Language. Instead of having to go to different masses at different churches to suit the family’s needs, all are able to attend one parish; Christ Our Savior Catholic Parish, Santa Ana. The Diocese of Orange Catholic Deaf Community is backed by the bishops. The best is yet to come! OCCatholicDeaf.org. #Spread the word!

Learn about St. Erasmus in American Sign Language. This remarkable saint’s life is explained in ASL to further deepen the Catholic-Christian faith. Deaf Catholic across the globe are to benefit from the ministry of St. Andrew’s Deaf Ministry.

Pray the rosary in American Sign Language.

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