ASL & Interpreting Students


Hello and welcome!


We are excited to know that you are learning American Sign Language! Would you like to get involved with the Catholic Deaf Community? To begin, please complete the required volunteer paperwork. Our staff will regularly check new entries. We will then contact about your participation choices so that you can appropriately begin engaging in such.


We would like to also assist you in your ASL and Interpreting educational requirements by signing off on community service hours. We know from much experience and dealings with high schools and colleges that there are many hours and written reports expected of you. With the amount of members we have in our Deaf community you should have no issue completing any assignment.


We do hope that you attend regularly our interpreted mass on Saturday evening at 5pm (english) at Christ Our Savior Parish



We hope to see you soon! Welcome!



As a bonus! Here are some noteworthy resources to check out:


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Children’s ASL Stories

ASL Stories, eBooks, and Other ASL Educational Resources for Parents and Kids

ECE’s ASL Corpus



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