Pray for priests

Keep them; I pray Thee, dearest Lord.

Keep them, for they are Thine

The priests whose lives burn out before

Thy consecrated shrine.

Keep them, for they are in the world,

Though from the world apart.

When earthly pleasures tempt, allure —

Shelter them in Thy heart.

Keep them and comfort them in hours

Of loneliness and pain,

When all their life of sacrifice

For souls seems but in vain.

Keep them and  remember, Lord,

they have no one but Thee.

Yet, they have only human hearts,

With human frailty.

Keep them as spotless as the Host,

That daily they caress;

Their every thought and word and deed,

Deign, dearest Lord, to bless.

By the late John J Cardinal Carberry

St. Michael- GK Chesterton (1929)

Michael, Michael: Michael of the Morning,
Michael of the Army of the Lord,
Stiffen thou the hand upon the still sword, Michael,
Folded and shut upon the sheathed sword, Michael,
Under the fullness of the white robes falling,
Gird us with the secret of the sword.

When the world cracked because of a sneer in heaven,
Leaving out for all time a scar upon the sky,
Thou didst rise up against the Horror in the highest,
Dragging down the highest that looked down on the Most High:
Rending from the seventh heaven the hell of exaltation
Down the seven heavens till the dark seas burn:
Thou that in thunder threwest down the Dragon
Knowest in what silence the Serpent can return.

Down through the universe the vast night falling
(Michael, Michael: Michael of the Morning!)
Far down the universe the deep calms calling
(Michael, Michael: Michael of the Sword!)
Bid us not forget in the baths of all forgetfulness,
In the sigh long drawn from the frenzy and the fretfulness
In the huge holy sempiternal silence
In the beginning was the Word.

When from the deeps of dying God astounded
Angels and devils who do all but die
Seeing Him fallen where thou couldst not follow,
Seeing Him mounted where thou couldst not fly,
Hand on the hilt, thou hast halted all thy legions
Waiting the Tetelestai and the acclaim,
Swords that salute Him dead and everlasting
God beyond God and greater than His Name.

Round us and over us the cold thoughts creeping
(Michael, Michael: Michael of the battle-cry!)
Round us and under us the thronged world sleeping
(Michael, Michael: Michael of the Charge!)
Guard us the Word; the trysting and the trusting
Edge upon the honour and the blade unrusting
Fine as the hair and tauter than the harpstring
Ready as when it rang upon the targe.

He that giveth peace unto us; not as the world giveth:
He that giveth law unto us; not as the scribes:
Shall he be softened for the softening of the cities
Patient in usury; delicate in bribes?
They that come to quiet us, saying the sword is broken,
Break man with famine, fetter them with gold,
Sell them as sheep; and He shall know the selling
For He was more than murdered. He was sold.

Michael, Michael: Michael of the Mustering,
Michael of the marching on the mountains of the Lord,
Marshal the world and purge of rot and riot
Rule through the world till all the world be quiet:
Only establish when the world is broken
What is unbroken is the word.



Blessings to you and your family – 

I pray that you and your loved ones are all doing well. You are cordially invited to gather together as the Catholic Deaf Community for a Deaf Mass. Fr. Joe Robillard pastor of Christ Our Savior has allowed us to have a Deaf Mass for the month of October. Christ Our Savior Catholic Church is located at 2000 W. Alton Ave., Santa Ana, 92704.  Please see the schedule below of the upcoming Masses.

Faith Formation BEGINS!!!

Faith Formation and religious education for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing has begun. Please join us on Sundays at 9:30am-11am in the parish hall. Please fill out the registration forms located throughout the website to get started.

Emmaus Institute




The Emmaus Institute supports and forms Catechists, Catholic School Teachers, ministry leaders, seekers and learners to become faithful and joyful missionary disciples who are equipped to bring the saving Gospel to the world.


On the road to Emmaus, the disciples had an encounter with the Risen Jesus. In the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange the Emmaus Institute offers all Catholics and those seeking to learn more about the Catholic faith , a road map that will lead them to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church. Live and online learning opportunities are available to all Catholics, specially to Catechists, Catholic school teachers and those serving in ministries in the Church.


  • All Catholics
  • Catechists
  • Catholic School Teachers
  • Youth and Young Adult Ministers
  • Confirmation Coordinators
  • Faith Formation Directors and Coordinators
  • Deacons, Aspirants and Candidates


Emmaus Institute, as mandated by the Diocese of Orange and the California Catholic Conference, provides certification for Catechists and Master Catechists.

Basic Certification is a process through which a person gains the necessary knowledge and skills to communicate effectively the fundamental truths of the Catholic faith.

Re-Certification is the process of annual renewal of basic certification (12 hrs. of ongoing education).

Master Catechist Certification  is an advanced certification that provides students with a deeper theological examination of the Catholic Faith and methodologies. It is designed for professional and ministerial educators.

Emmaus Institute also provides theology, Scripture for Catholics; trains adults in effectively teaching the Bible, prepares adults to minister with a deeper understanding of Catholic faith and spirituality, offers leadership formation for parish ministers and strives to network parish ministers with one another.


Online faith formation learning, click here.

Christ Our Savior Parish

Christ Our Savior Parish:

Starting this weekend, the Saturday Vigil Mass will begin at 5pm.


Saint Mary’s in Fullerton:

Mass time at 2:30. However, location alternates between the church and hall. See location for each respective week on the Mass times calendar.


Also, please see the updated Confession schedule.

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