Anointing of the Sick/Funerals

Anointing of the Sick

The sacrament of Anointing of the Sick is administered to persons who are seriously ill or in danger of death through old age. It is also fitting for a person to receive the sacrament before a serious operation. Anointing should ideally take place well before the person is actually “dying” because the more they are able to participate in the sacrament, the greater its benefits. The priest’s Laying on of Hands (part of the full ceremony) can sometimes bring physical healing during an illness if God deems it necessary for their spiritual healing. The anointing is usually preceded by sacramental confession, if possible, and includes the reception of Holy Communion, if possible. Thus the sacrament brings forgiveness of sins, spiritual strength, the comfort of knowing one is at peace with God, as well as preparing the recipient to make a beautiful offering of their entire lives to God, an offering that is unique to them alone.

To receive this sacrament, contact your nearest Catholic parish or for non-emergencies contact OCCatholicDeaf@rcbo.org.


The Funeral
Please accept our sympathies at the death of your loved one. When someone has died, the first step is to contact a mortuary to prepare the body for the funeral rites. There are mortuaries advertised on the back of our weekly bulletin. If Military Honors at the burial are desired, make this known to the mortuary so that they can arrange it.

A two week minimum notification is appreciated so that we can properly plan the funeral of your loved one.

Please contact your nearest parish to seek assistance. For funerals please inform your respective parish if you would like Fr. Scott Allen to do the funeral.



Funerals: According to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the funeral home, as a place of public accommodation, has the responsibility to provide interpreting services for the Deaf.

The Diocese has a small group of interpreters that be can be contacted.

***Please review the “Policy for working with Interpreters in Catholic Religious Settings“***


If our local Catholic interpreters cannot be reached or are not available, the family or parish may resort to contracting with the one of the following interpreting agencies:

Lifesigns  888-930-7776  lifesigninc@lifesigninc.org

Rise Interpreting 951-565-4422 info@riseinterpreting.com

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