Eucharistic Miracle- Cascia, Italy

The miracle took place in Cascia, near Siena in 1330. The priest from St Rita’s church was called to bring Holy Communion to a poor sick farmer. He took a consecrated Host which he showed no respect for by placing the Host in a prayer book and went to see the sick man. After he arrived at the farmer’s house and then hearing the man’s confession, the priest opened his book and was surprised that the Host had stained with living Blood both pages. He was confused and regretted that he was wrong. He immediately went to Siena to the Augustinian monastery to see Fr Simone Fidati from Cascia. Fr Simone was known to be a holy man. Fr Simone heard the story and forgave the priest and kept the two pages stained with Blood. Many Popes have declared that it was a miracle. Starting in 1387, on the Feast of Corpus Christi, all the people and priests meet at the Church of St Augustine and follow the priest who carries the relic of the Most Holy Body of Christ through the city. – From youtube post

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