Men, women and confirmed youth share the gift of proclamation and public reading skills while proclaiming the Sacred Scriptures at Sunday liturgies, and daily masses.

Lector Covenant and Participation Form

  • We are now beginning the annual process of renewing and recruiting Lectors. We ask you to prayerfully discern your commitment by:

    1) Reading and reflecting on the Covenant Agreement that follows.
    2) Completing the online form below.
  • Lector Covenant Agreement – 2022/23 FAITH OF THE LECTOR
    • I have a desire to give sign or a voice to the written words of Scripture.
    • I faithfully participate in the Sunday Eucharist and sincerely try to live the Gospel message in my life.    WORK OF THE LECTOR
    • I consider lectoring as an opportunity to serve.
    • I spend time praying with the text and reflecting on its message.
    • I spend time at home in preparation and practice to give the assembly “my best”.
    • I continue to seek critique in my delivery and am open to evaluation.
    • I feel assured and positive after I have proclaimed a reading.
    • I incorporate stresses, pauses, and adequate projection.
    • I learn the correct pronunciations for words by consulting various sources. LIFESTYLE OF THE LECTOR
    • I am a member of Christ Our Savior, attend Sunday liturgy, am fully initiated, and a Catholic in good standing (if married, married in the Catholic Church).
    • I extend the gift of hospitality by greeting people outside the church entrance.
    • I am a reliable member of the lector team by being at the Masses I’ve been scheduled.
    • As a committed lector, I arrange for a substitute (well in advance) if I have a conflict.
    • I am punctual and arrive 15 minutes before Mass time.
    • I am able to fully participate as a lector while balancing my other priorities (family, job, etc.).
    • I continue to have passion and enthusiasm for lectoring.
    • I continue to have the time required for “prayer, preparation, practice” and participation as a lector.
    • I check email regularly for ministry updates and schedule changes, and respond as needed.
    • I come to Mass dressed to serve, and understand that my appearance presents a model for others to follow. 
  • Sunday Lector Participation Form
    • This form must be submitted by August 6, 2022.  NOTE: This covenant pertains to Sunday ministry ONLY. As in the past, if we do not recieve this form from you we will assume you no longer wish to remain active at this time. If at any time you desire to be put back on the active schedule, contact the Parish Office – Liturgy Department.  Thank you!

      Please complete the required fields below. PLEASE BE SURE TO CLICK SUBMIT. Once you click SUBMIT, it will be automatically sent to OCCatholicDeaf@rcbo.org
  • Are you interested in serving our larger Holy Day liturgies? Christmas Eve/Day Easter Sunday Pascal Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil) Ash Wednesday Not at this time
  • Are you interested in serving other Feast Days, celebrations, and occasions (All Saints, Immaculate Conception, Assumption, etc.)? REQUIRED Yes No
  • Are you willing to occasionally assist with Hospitality, as needed? (NOTE: a ‘yes’ reply is only a willingness to volunteer, you will not be scheduled) Yes No
  • I have read the Ministry Covenant Agreement and after prayer and discernment, I would like to: REQUIRED Continue serving as a Sunday Lector for another year. No longer be *active* but offer my services as a *sub*. Depart from the Sunday Lector Ministry at this time (this choice has no impact on Daily service). 
  • Comments?

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